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Merry Christmas | Christmas Lights, Christmas Tradition

Christmas lights at one time were candles, chosen because their twinkling appearance reminded families of the twinkling of moon light through the branches of fir trees in the forest. Despite the safety precautions taken by these early Christmas light users, mixing live flame with highly flammable Christmas trees resulted in a very dangerous situation and many fires resulted.

When Thomas Edison invented the first light bulbs in the late 1800’s, it was only a short time before people were putting them on their Christmas trees. These Christmas tree lights soon were being produced and displayed in colors, but only for the very wealthy families, since this new product was very expensive!/p>

Mass production techniques soon lowered the price of these holiday decorations to the point where average families could afford them. At the same time, the design and complexity of these Christmas lights was also changing. Instead of needing to have each light individually wired, the lights were created with spiral bases to screw into the light sockets on the Christmas tree light strings. This made them easy enough for the average family to use and soon these lights decorated windows, doors, and even the outside of homes as well as the Christmas trees.

The Christmas season is truly much brighter because of Christmas lights!



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