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SHAYNA LEIGH biography

“Everything we do, every decision we make leads us to where we are today,” Shayna Leigh says, “and this music feels to me like the culmination of my life so far. It’s honest; at times nostalgic and regretful of yesterday but still and optimistic for tomorrow.”

Shayna Leigh released her first EP The Cold Hard Truth and the Dream in January 2014. The musical spirit of New York City resonates on her debut EP. Shayna has tapped into that DNA strain of what it’s like to soak in the timeless essence of New York, a mood and feeling that pulses throughout The Cold Hard Truth and the Dream.

Working with Shayna quickly became a labor of love for Mitchell Cohen, album executive producer and A&R veteran with more than three decades of music industry experience under his belt at Arista, Columbia and Verve Records. This EP includes three original songs. “Next to Me” and “Map of my Heart”, composed with and produced by Nashville-based songwriter Paula Winger, and “Drive Away,” an assertive pop song that Paula co-wrote with Stephanie Lewis. The lyric video for “Next to Me” has received over 162,000 views on YouTube.

Shayna recently released her new EP, Hey Shayna Leigh which soared to #2 on Amazon’s Singer/Songwriter chart, #3 on their Hottest New Release chart and #118 on iTunes Pop Album chart. To Shayna, this EP, produced by Peter Zizzo and Michael Mangini, along with one track produced by Steely Dan’s Gary Katz, tells the story of facing heartbreak and learning to rise above it. “There is a power that comes from putting yourself out there and standing up for who you are, scary as it is. To me, these songs are all in some way about being brave enough to consistently fight for your dreams.”

Shayna’s music has been marked by a steadfast determination to get her music out there, hopeful she can make an impact. “We all have a story to share and mine is woven in my music. I was taught that we are here not only to take care of ourselves but to make other people’s lives better. That doesn’t mean forget your own dreams. It means be kind, be funny, smile. Make a positive impact. The world is changed in small positive gestures. I do believe that.”

(Arthur Levy – April 2013)