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Im Goin Home | Bill Wood and the Woodies | Christmas Music

Courtisy of Bill Wood and the Woodies

In Canada, thousands of workers from all over the country are employed at the Alberta oil sands. A large percentage of these workers are from the Maritimes where jobs are scarce. This song, with its Celtic flavour touches on this uniquely Canadian reality.

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I'm Going Home

Saving, hoping, planning the way
Shopping, hustling, counting the days
Packing, and wrapping, and tucking away, It's Christmas and I'm going home

Can't wait to be back with my family
Been putting in time up in Fort McMurray
But the holiday's coming, along I will be
It's Christmas and I'm going home...home

So it's out to the highway, and on with the miles
Station to station and through the turnstiles
Off of the tarmac and into the skies

It is Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, and I'm going home

I'm whistling, singing, smelling the air
Walking through snowdrifts with hardly a care
I close my eyes and I'm already there
It's Christmas and I'm going home...home

I'm smiling, laughing, I'm light on my feet
Saying a “Hello” to all that I meet, Watching the coloured lights dance on the street
It's Christmas and I'm going home...home

Open the front door we're all piled inside
Greeting each other with arms open wide
Back with the family, there's no better time

It is Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, and I'm going home

After a while it all settles down
The young ones will run off and head into town
The dishes are done, we're lazing around
It's Christmas and I'm going home

Here come the stories we've all one to tell
The old times, the hard times, the good times as well
And we’re telling them long past the midnight mass bell
It's Christmas and I'm going home...home

Home, in the arms of the one I love best
Home, in the heart of the family nest
And I'm holding on tight for the long year ahead

It is Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, and I'm going home

About the artists!
Bill Wood And The Woodies

Oh look … is the first full length album by the seasoned Toronto band Bill Wood and the woodies.

Bill Wood and the Woodies is what happens when the songs are the main event. When 30 years of songwriting, honed over decades of hard life experiences, meets the craftsmanship of career musicians who don’t know what it means to compromise. Listening to the Woodies, you get the sense that they believe in the power of a really good song, regardless of genre. Few others could produce an album with so many solid tunes. The songs come from the soul of Bill Wood, who has lived a lifetime and more since he was a minor Canadian success story with an 80s’ pop band— all the while writing songs.

When asked about his inspirations and direction of the album Bill would had this to say,
“The biggest inspiration for the direction of the record was trying to capture the live feel of the Woodies. This is the first "band" album I've been involved with in a long time. We've been honing our sound over 7 years and really wanted to try and capture what we've been achieving live.”

An industry veteran singer-songwriter, former lead vocalist for Juno-nominees EyeEye, Wood has taken more than three decades to perfect his craft. Disillusioned with the music industry’s “star maker machinery.” Wood stepped away from recording and performing in the early 90s to focus on raising his family and making a living. His experiences as a home renovator, woodworker and, most recently, as a support worker for the community shelter and housing industry have infiltrated his songs. Wood has had his struggles with addiction, which also provide crucial insights and empathy to his volunteer work as coordinator of a drop-in and food bank for marginalize youth. Throughout all these real-world experiences, he’s been writing songs, performing and recording, including three gospel discs and his first solo CD, Take It.

Most recently, Bill Wood and the Woodies have cultivated a devoted following at the band’s regular gigs at Graffiti’s Bar & Grill in Toronto’s Kensington Market. There’s no desire to chase a “scene.” Their formula is simple: real, honest songs, played really well. The most common refrain at a Woodies gig: “Is that really one of your own tunes?”.

Steve Mitchell owner of Graffiti’s said this of the bands monthly gig at his venue, “After years and years one thing is for sure, when Bill Wood and the woodies play it’s gonna be a great show”

We asked Bill what are some of the re-occurring themes behind some of the songs? This is what said,
“I would say the recurring theme of this disc is life experience. I've been kicking around a long time. I'm a survivor. Life is hard but also great. I titled it "Oh Look" in reference to life in general. There is always something new.”

What people are saying about “Oh Look"
“Survivor rock from a true been there, done that veteran. All the wild times and crazy characters are here, with no apologies, few regrets and a couple of cautionary tales. There's also room for a love story or two in this very human collection.” Bob Mersereau - CBC Radio, author of The Top 100 Canadian Albums and The Top 100 Canadian Singles.

"Veteran Canadian songsmith, Bill Wood, has perfected his craft over a thirty year career and keeps it honest and real on his latest recording OK Look…, masterfully supported by his crackerjack band, The Woodies". Edgar Breau – Front-man for the influential iconic cult band Simply Saucer.

All songs written by Bill Wood and produced by Mark Shannon

The woodies are Chris Bennett, Mark Shannon, Dino Naccarato and Mary Wood.

Media/Press Contact:
Jeff Liberty

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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