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One task for the North-Pole elves is their annual polishing and fine-tuning of Santa's sleigh. As you may know, Santa has to load many toys on this sleigh as he makes his annual trip around the world on Christmas eve. The elves make any needed repairs such as tuning the many bells that line the outside of Santa's seat. The elves tap the top of the bells with their little hammers and bend them very slightly so the bells ring in perfect harmony. Santa likes to work with the elves on the sleigh and he also encourages them to add new decorations each year. They also give the sleigh a thorough cleaning; from waxing the landing skis on the bottom of the sleigh, to removing all the cookie crumbs that Santa may have left behind.

In all of the North-Pole elves, there is a little mischief in each and every one of them. The elves love to play jokes on each other and often they get together to play funny jokes on Santa.

One Christmas season the elves went all out to make the sleigh look like a monster truck! They put gigantic, knobby wheels on the skis, and then attached glistening chrome exhaust pipes. The pipes ran down and along the side of the sleigh, and then they attached huge golden bumpers with great big spotlights on the front and back! They topped the sleigh with a monster sized golden horn that sounded like 100 locomotives blasting all at once. The elves then went to their magical metal shop and hammered out a special license plate. This license plate spelled out SNTACLOD! They put bright blue and green lights around this plate and it had tiny diamonds planted all over it so it sparkled brilliantly. It was such fun! When Rudolph saw this plate he was laughing so hard that his nose glowed very brightly.

The elves had fun honking that monster golden horn at the reindeer when they were flying. The sound wave was so strong that it knocked them upside-down! They then started to use this horn to knock snow off the Great Pine Trees. Every time that horn would sound it would shake the entire North-Pole village. This prank was getting out of hand! Once when the elves were playing with it at night it woke up Mrs. Claus. Santa was afraid it might distract her from baking cookies so he asked that they put a muffle on the horn. The North Pole Pine trees offered some magical pine cones to stuff in the horn and the elves managed to put about 50 of these cones in the horn. After that the sound was much better. In fact is was a pleasant sort of sound, kind of like a church choir holding a high note. You may have heard this sound before because on some Christmas Eves, Santa takes that horn along.

The monster-truck sleigh will always be remembered as one of Santa's favorites, for he and the reindeer actually took it out for short sight-seeing trips. All the elves wanted a ride in this sleigh and so Santa obliged. And if anyone saw that sleigh in the air, with that monster horn blasting one most likely was to think that it was a Monster UFO.

Santa always looks forward to see what the elves have in mind each year.


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