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The North Pole Village is becoming more and more modernized with computers. What makes these magical computer special is that the elves build these machines all by themselves with a collection of spare toy parts. The elves are very inventive in their uses with their computers and are always looking for ways to use them in the North Pole Village..

Mrs. Claus, who was new to computer uses decided she should have a computer to keep track of her cookie baking. She has so many recipes that she believed she could benefit from this new technology. When the elves brought Mrs. Claus a computer, she decided her computer needed proper Christmas decorations. She knitted a nice, colorful woolen blanket with red trim to cover this computer and keep it warm. She also made for her machine a huge, red stocking cap! The elves think this is the only computer in the world that has it's own hat and blanket!

The elves keep telling Santa that the North Pole computers are powered by candy canes, so Mrs. Claus has to make sure there is always a good supply. Reindeer Vixen, a collector of candy canes, informed the elves that they could borrow some of his candy canes just in case they started running low. Vixen is always sharing his stuff with others. He, like the other North Pole Villagers know the importance of cooperating with each other and sharing.

Once the elves made a special connection of a big computer to one of Mrs. Claus's big blue-colored cookie-baking oven. The elves then typed in a special cookie baking software program. By simply typing in the name of your favorite cookie and holding down the letter 'C' - then pressing the ENTER key rapidly three times, the magical stove will rumble and shake and then a loud bell starts ringing. Then there is a loud "Ka-FLOOMPH" sound! The oven door pops open and your favorite cookie comes flying out! You have to be quick to catch it!

Elf MooMoo, our elfin cookie specialist, uses a baseball-like glove padded with magic snow-powder to catch these cookies! This allows him to catch the cookies without crumbling them.

Mrs. Clause decided to have a naming contest for her new computer. Santa voted for The N-Polar-Treater, Frosty wanted to name it, Comp-U-Yum, Reindeer Prancer voted for MMMMmmmm-MMMMmmmm. Several of the the elves are calling it The Compu-Lippo-Ratta-Tatta-Baker. Of all the names, Mrs. Claus chose to name her computer "Treater"

If you ever eat a wonderfully tasting cookie and it has the letter, "T" baked on it - it just might have come from Mrs. Claus's computerized Big-Blue Oven baker - The Treater!


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