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Like most communities, the North-Pole village has a wide variety of personalities. You will find all kinds of characters in the many elves, reindeer, and snowmen. Even the magical trees and icicles have personalities of their own. At the North Pole the trees can communicate with everyone too. Some trees are shy, others are boisterous, but one trait is that they are all very independent. They love to talk amongst themselves. And if you don't believe this, just stand outside during a windy night and you'll hear them talking rapidly in wispy whispers to each other! Tree always they have plenty to say.

A long time ago the North Pole evergreen forest was all in turmoil. Apparently all the magical conifers were in a decoration revolt! Elf Rystella, the North Pole tree decorations chief, was very upset and didn't know what to do! The Blue Spruce Trees only wanted yellow blinking lights because they claimed the red lights turned their branches purplish. The Tamarack trees didn't want any tinsel - they were claiming a tinsel allergy! Even the huge Bald Cypress trees thought they shouldn't have ANY decorations - their claim was that' B-A-L-D' meant nothing on it! And so, that is what they wanted to look like - Bald! There was all kinds of tree chatter at this time too. The trees refused any decorations unless their demands were met. Elf Rystella came to Santa Claus for advice. He admitted later that he really didn't know what to say. Santa trusted the wisdom of children around the world so he sent out many letters asking them what he should do in this situations? And to this day, Santa still gets letters of advice from kids everywhere.

Well, it just so happened that elf photographers, McFoo and McMic were getting ready for the annual Official North Pole Photo-Portrait. When told of the tree situation, they didn't blink an eye. They simply asked Snowman Frosty if his fellow snowmen would agree to be the decorated background this year! This was normally the task for the trees and the decorations and lights are very beautiful and bright when placed on the trees - however, the snowmen are always ready for something new to do and jumped at the chance to wear the Christmas decorations. The trees whispered nervously amongst themselves for they were thinking that Santa would never go for this. Why, the trees thought it was ridiculous to have all the snowmen decorated. But the more Santa thought of it, the more he agreed - Many of the letters he received from children around the world even suggest this alternative - So Santa thought, why not?

And guess what? When the tree community saw that the snowmen were wearing their Christmas decorations - Whoa! Talk about Bark-a-Palooza! The trees, they spoke up! And they spoke up loudly! Suddenly there was a change of heart. The trees suddenly couldn't wait to get decorated. Even the Bald Cypress trees demanded extra lights!

The snowmen had their fun, of course, and teased the trees for a bit by not giving back the Christmas decorations at first. They skated around them for while showing off the wildest fashions of lighted magical hats. But the snowmen did eventually help the elves decorate the trees, though some of the snowmen kept some blinking lights on their hats! This official photograph is one of the most memorable.

Like millions of towns and communities around the world there are wonderful decorations to see every year. Just like the North Pole, millions of children everywhere enjoy witnessing the holiday lights to see Christmas decorations in their community. It's fun to change the scenery every now and then. And all the billions of lights that Santa can see when he's flying around the world really lifts his spirits.


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