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One Christmas season was very unusual for Santa and the North Pole village. It was the first year, ever, when the elves became way behind their toy-making schedule. There was even a rumor going around the North-Pole village that Santa was contemplating scheduling Christmas toy deliveries a day late because of this strange occurrence. However, due to the great work of the magical elves they did get all the toys made it In The Nick of Time, (Pun intended).

What happened was very funny in it's own sort of way because for a time the reindeer could only fly backwards! They even ended up talking backwards. It was the most strangest of sites.

Elf Noelsta, an expert on flying sleighs, was up in the sky with the reindeer practicing landings. They were also practicing some of their fancy stunt flying. Just like everyone who drives any kind of vehicle, it takes practice to be good at anything. Flying magical sleighs takes extra practice too.

Every year for the Annual North Pole Christmas Pageant, Elf Noelsa and the magical reindeer will show off their flying skills and he and the reindeer perform barrel rolls, loop-d-loops, figure eights, and the famous Upside Down Double-Inverted Macadamia Nut Roll-A-Way. It's always very entertaining to watch!

One night, during an extra long practice session, Elf Noelsta accidentally steered the reindeer directly over the Earth's Magnetic North Pole. As you may know the Santa's North Pole Village is on the global North Pole - which is on top of the world, but if you have a compass, you'll see that a compass actually points a little ways off to our Earth's magnetic pole. This is the nature of a compass needle; pointing to the magnetic pole.

After flying through this magnetic zone, the reindeer and Elf Noelsta were really turned around. When they came back, all the elves thought they were just showing off by flying backwards! However, after they landed in backward fashion, and tumbled hard over the practice landing roof, they then all started walking backward to the reindeer barn! Even their conversations came out backwards - instead of saying "Hello Santa" they said "Atnas Olleh" Santa witnessed this and he knew something was very wrong. Santa and the elves all know that he can't land on rooftops going backwards, let alone go around and instead of saying Ho, ho, ho! saying Oh, Oh, Ohhh!

The North-Pole villagers had to figure out how to fix this, and quickly!

The elves tried all kinds of remedies. They tried covering the sleigh and reindeer with tiny magnets hoping to reverse their ailment. The snowmen rubbed in Doctor O'Laughlin's Reverse-A-Palooza Cream, but it didn't work either. They were even fed candy canes that had reversed-curves. Unfortunately, nothing worked! The elves were very worried and upset, and they all stopped their work while trying to think of what could be done.

Mrs. Claus, when hearing of this strange occurrence came to the rescue. She had seen this backward-oriented ailment before when some of members the Abdominal Snowmen Clan had wandered over this magnetic pole spot, and their great white fur became all curly and glowed in the dark - this is when people started calling them Yeti's.

She immediately whipped up a special batch of cookies called the 'Seikooc Samtsirch Drawkcab' cookies ( It's the words 'Backward Christmas Cookies' - only backwards.). This recipe is most unusual and it calls for putting down the frosting first - then adding the cookie. By reversing the process, the cookies had the magical remedy!

It worked wonderfully! But we had to be careful because anytime you ate this special cookie - everything went in reverse. You have to eat two at a time to remain going forward! In fact, some of the mischievous elves will occasionally play a joke and slip on of these cookies in the treat trays! You'll know if you've eaten one of these when you greet someone by saying SAMTSIRHC YRREM!

After this strange event, the elves had to team up, and work extra hard to make the Christmas Eve toy delivery schedule. And to this day the elves and Santa Claus have never been late for Christmas.


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