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Somehow, in all the confusion the elves ended back up with the 666 snowmen and the two 333 per toboggan teams. It was a strange and funny sight. Some snowmen had two heads and one bottom part. Some had two middle parts and one head... They were all laughing very hard though, for remember snowmen always love to have fun.

Finally, two teams of each of 333 snow-sorta-put-together-men continued the race down Mt. Slippious. For sure, one of the candy-cane toboggans came across the finish line first - but Santa and the rest of the official racing commission (two elves and two reindeer and two Abominables) had no idea how to judge which team won.

They couldn't decide how to call this race. Should they have judged based on the toboggan that came across first? Both toboggans were exactly alike - so much that one person couldn't distinguish one from the other. Then Santa realized that one toboggan may have actually had more of the other team's snowman parts on-board. But then, how could anyone tell? What if your middle part was on the winning toboggan but other parts were not?

The answer to this day has never been resolved. Even Santa didn't have the answer. Just like anyone who has a favorite sporting team around the world, it is just fun to root for them no matter what the outcome of a competition.


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