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There was this huge CRRRRRRAAAAASH-SCHRRRRNNNNN-FOOMPAHHH sound. The two teams had missed the turn and landed in the Really-Really-Green-Evergreen-Coniferous Tree patch.

When the snow cloud settled all the intact snowmen started looking around - and as if on cue we all started laughing at this crazy scene. The spectators and contestants were laughed so hard that everyone was eventuallyt rolling in the snow.

Almost every snowman's head and middle had separated from their snow bodies! Scattered everywhere was 1332 snowman parts scattered all over the place! Then, with the winner of the race yet to be determined there began this massive effort to get these snowmen back onto the race course. All of the sudden there were thousands of large snow balls rolling around in search of the matching parts.

Now, remember, these snowmen are very competitive and now there was this crazy, mad dash to try and piece the snowmen back together and get on with the race. The team's helper-elves were having a fit trying to guess whose part belonged to whom! The snowmen heads started blowing on their red whistles in hopes of getting their snowman teams back together.

However with all the hats flying everywhere and all the whistles blasting it soon turned into a magical synchronized sea of melody and color. It was like looking at a live, gigantic kaleidoscope with the most wonderful sound. Pretty soon the elves just gave up and combined snowman parts as best they could in hopes of figuring it out later.


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