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The Abominable Snowmen Clan were split as to which toboggan team to cheer for. They were evenly divided. They even got into their own roaring-cheering match which added to all the excitement.

When the toboggan teams were finally ready, the race was officially started by Frosty-the-Snowman with a drop of his magical hat. As the toboggan teams started downhill they began to pick up momentum. They started going faster... and faster...and faster!

Pretty soon, they came speeding neck and neck to the huge Loop-D-Loop-D-Twisty-loop. They hit this monsterous loop going so fast that all anyone could see was a blur of snow! There was this tremendous WHOOSH of air as they came screaming past the cheering crowd. It was a most unusual site indeed! The two teams were still tied as they went up and up and up into the clouds as they traveled this magnificent loop.

What happened next will go down in the Christmas Village history books as one of the strangest happenings ever.

The teams came out of the Loop-D-Loop-D-Twisty-loop going so fast that they couldn't slow down enough for the 90-degree-inverse-reverse-n-terse-mogul-turn!


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