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One year for TAGNOPOTOR the snowmen set up a permanent toboggan race course on one of the Merry-Chrismas Village backyard mountains, Mount Slippious. They built a twisty, winding race course full of monstrous snow bumps and wildly shaped curves. At the speeds that they travel on toboggans they will fly a mile high in the air when they hit a ramp!.

At the request of the snowmen, the woodshop elves made a matching pair of 1000-foot long, red-striped toboggans. These toboggans looked like monstrous barer shop candy canes. They asked Santa Claus, to be the official master of ceremonies to introduce and welcome the crowd. Santa was very impressed with this race because he said he had never seen such long, colorful toboggans before!

Each toboggan could hold 333 snowmen. And to make this event even more fun they added a ten thousand-foot long Loop-D-Loop-D-Twisty-Loop. This loop went so high that it disappeared into the clouds.

This great toboggan race brought everyone out to Mt. Slippious to watch. The two teams were named The Power-Puffers and Rollo-Crystals. The elves decided to root for the Rollo-Crystals, and they made pom-poms out of icicles. The reindeer picked to cheer for the Power-Puffers, and for this race they all wore big, puffy hats with the letters PP emblazoned upon them.


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