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One special trait among the Merry-Christmas Village snowmen is that they all carry a red whistle. These whistles are hand-made in the Elfin Musical Toy Shop, and when these snowmen blow their whistles the sounds turn into wonderful Christmas melodies. These whistles are like a chorus of finely tuned pipes. No matter how many whistles are blowing at one time they are all in harmony. On a very still winter night, Eskimos of the Arctic tell of hearing these magical melodies. There have been reports as far south as Mexico of hearing these tunes at night!

Christmas Village Snowmen are always having friendly competitions. They love to form snowmen teams and try all sorts of sporting games. They even make their own games when playing with the North Pole wildlife. These are crazy games and they give them goofy names such as Dress Up The Polar Bears - In Pink, Penguin Splooshing, and even Reindeer Clogging. One of the snowmen's most favorite sports is racing. They even have formed an association called NASSCCAR (Northern Alliance of Silly Snowmen in Crazy Contraption Racing). Often, you will find snowmen taking any kind of objects and making them into racing cars. There have been parking meter boats, typewriter sailboats, step ladder luges, even refrigerator styled pogo stick races. However, there is a yearly tradition that everyone looks forward to - the TAGNOPOTOR! - The Annual Great North Pole Toboggan Race.


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