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The Annual Great North Pole Toboggan Race


Snowmen at the North Pole are always having a lot of fun. They are especially very active when it gets colder and colder at the Merry-Christmas Village. The colder it gets the more fun they have. Just like kids all around the world, they are inventive in their games, and sometimes the rules are made up as the games go along. There are millions of snowmen built every winter season by boys and girls that are just like the North Pole magical snowmen; each is unique in their own individual snowy ways. The North Pole snowmen have different colored mittens and wildly decorated scarves. Like all snowmen, they all have three interchangeable parts; their heads; middle, and their large, rotund bottoms. And, they love to trade parts with each other! It is not unusual to see a snowman skating on the ten-mile ice-rink with three heads!

Of course, if you visited the North Pole, you would see the thousands and thousands of magical hats with the most dazzling designs and colors. This sea of color is especially brilliant when they all gather together for a sing-a-long with the other North Poleans of Santa's Merry-Christmas village.