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Santa receives a lot of letters that ask questions of what goes on during the days leading up to Christmas Eve. The North Pole Villagers are just as excited about Christmas as are millions of girls and boys. There are always last minute tasks that need to be completed and everyone at the North-Pole has to be flexible willing to work together.

The elves, the snowmen, and the reindeer all work in harmony to get Santa on his way Christmas eve. One task the elves complete is the finishing touches on the magical sleigh. They polish the runners, and are often seen tightening the bolts just enough, and also replacing belts and bells where it is needed.

The elves are also busy making all kinds of exciting toys! In the busy toy shops, it is helpful that the elves wear little silver bells that are attached to their green stockings. Santa and the snowmen would run into the elves if it wasn't for these little bells. These bells make a smooth, ringing sound. The melodies from the bells makes everyone realize that Christmas is getting closer and closer.

The weather during this time of the year is quite cold. On some days when it warms up to up to 25 degrees below zero, the elves take advantage of this heat wave and spend time sledding and skating around the North Pole village.

Mrs. Claus also keeps very busy as she bakes a lot of cookies for everyone. One of Santa's favorite cookies are the star-shaped sugar cookies.

The reindeers also get restless the week before Christmas! They have daily flying practice where they use the North Pole training sleighs. They like to land on top of the North Pole Cookie Bakery and stock up on a variety of cookies.

Mrs. Claus makes sure the reindeer cookie jar is always full. She also has a huge jar full of candy canes and carrots for energy!

What is most important to everyone at the North Pole is keeping the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the whole year.



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