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Merry Christmas |Santa, Christmas Stories, A Letter from Santa

Merry Christmas.com and Santa presents a selection of Christmas stories for you to enjoy. Click on any of the links below to read the Christmas stories. Read them all to see what stories you like the best then go to Facebook and Twitter to tell Santa and everyone else which one is your favorite!

Christmas StoriesTAGNOPOTOR
          The Annual Great North Pole Toboggan Race
What race will the snowmen come up with next?
Christmas StoriesThe Monster Truck Sleigh for SNTACLOD
The elves modify Santa's sleigh.
Christmas StoriesPrancer and The Reindeer Band
Reindeer Prancer is one of the most musically talented reindeer.
Christmas StoriesThe Great North-Pole Decoration Protest
The talking trees of the North-Pole refuse decorations
Christmas StoriesThe U-Shaped Icicles
Something happened to all the North - Pole Icicles
Christmas StoriesThe Day the Reindeer Flew Backwards
Something strange happened a Christmas or Two ago.
Christmas StoriesThe Magical Floating Frosting Ball
Elf Fahlala has a mishap while frosting Christmas cookies
Christmas StoriesThe Magical North-Pole Computer
What happens when Mrs. Claus hooks a computer to a cookie oven?.
Christmas StoriesLast Minute Christmas Eve Activities
What is happening at Christmas time in the North Pole Village