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Merry Christmas |Santa, Christmas Poems, A Letter from Santa

Copyright (c) 1995 by Pat McLaughlin

Sean-Sean sang Santa songs,
softly for his mother.
"So, Sean-Sean!" said his happy mom,
"Why softly sing songs so long?
You should sing Santa songs for others."

So Sean set out to seek a way
to make his voice to peak.
He sat along a long long pond,
until song ideas did spawn.

"I'll shout Santa songs through megaphones,
and call my friends on telephones!
I'll sing loud enough to shake their bones,
along with gongs and high pitched tones."

Sean made a stage where he could sing
Santa songs for Queens and Kings!
He then drew pictures on green paper.
to help with a Sean-Song shaper.

With amplifiers on tractor tires.
Monster speakers on ratty sneakers.
Megaphones on odd-shaped cones.
Sean-Sean left no-turned-down-stones!

His favorite songs he practiced so,
and made up dances for the show.
A tip, a tat, an old soft-shoe,
Sean's songs productions grew!

He sent a note to the Pole.
Inviting Santa was his goal.
Elves invited and reindeers too.
Sean-Sean invited the entire crew!

Then show-night came for Sean-Sean's songs.
A night for which he practiced long.
The air was thick with excited crowds.
To hear Santa Songs sung so loud.

The lights did dim, there came a hush
A spotlight showed, but Sean-Sean blushed!
For he had stage fright,
his knees did knock.
And on the block
he knocked his socks.

His opened mouth
there came no sounds!
The silence was so loud it drowned.
Sean-Sean's fright froze his frantic friends.

His Santa songs they did depend.

But then a voice so loud and clear.
Shouted "HO-HO-HO!"
it was so near!
Santa Claus had made the show.
And from his seat
his red cheeks glowed!

Santa shouted, "Sean-Sean Sing!
"You can do it!"
"Let sleigh bells ring!"
"The loudest of the loud you'll do!"
"Let's shake em up in Tibuktu!"

And then there cam from Sean-Seans throat!
The loudest songs the notes did float.
He danced, he sang he tipped and toed,
Sean-Sean sang loud for Santa' s show!



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