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Merry Christmas |Santa, Christmas Poems, A Letter from Santa

Copyright (c) 1995 by Pat McLaughlin
Graphics by Leo Kelly


Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
getting ready for Christmass night.
Mrs. Claus told Santa Claus,
"You need hot food for flight!"

Then Mrs. Claus baked Bellie Beans,
before the break of day.
She mixed it with mild moxie mash,
plus a dash of Monterrey.

She broke the beans in bitty bits,
tossed in a speck of barley,
She mixed the most of barley bits,
to her bellie beans, so darling.

Mrs. Claus bit a bite of bitter batter,
while her Bellie Beans cooked dry,
She cried "Oh golly Santa, Oh, golly - wow!
My beans are ready to try!"

Bellie Beans go best with a bold-cold drink,
milk mixed with chocolate syrup.
A good treat for Santa Claus
When visiting homes in Europe!

She first fed five - famished elves
her Bellie Beans plus Chocolate;
serving beans in bell shaped bowls,
topped with cream and walnuts.

Then Santa took his turn to taste
the Bellie Bean feast she made.
He gobbled up to the very last bean,
and said, "Ho, ho, ho! That's all I'm afraid!"



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