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Merry Christmas |Santa, Christmas Poems, A Letter from Santa

Merry Christmas.com and Santa presents a selection of Christmas stories and Christmas poems for you to enjoy. Click on any of the links below to read the Christmas stories and Christmas poems. Read them all to see what stories and poems you like the best then go to Facebook and Twitter to tell Santa and everyone else which one is your favorite!

Christmas StoriesThe Snow Globe
A man once lived in a globe made of glass.
Christmas StoriesRound Winter Light
Is that the Christmas moon?
Christmas PoemsPrayer to St. Gluteous
Too much food for Christmas?
Christmas StoriesSanticipation
Can't wait for Santa
Christmas PoemsDecember
An actual serious poem - Yippie!
Christmas StoriesWinter Bare Bear
Tongue Twisting Twiddles
Christmas PoemsChristmas Pie - In the Sky
Nothing Beats a Christmas Pie
Christmas StoriesDaring Ole Me
Oh, why do we take dares?
Christmas PoemsGnu Noo's Christmas Stew
Even Gnus celebrate Christmas
Christmas StoriesA Toy For Santa
A Child Builds A Toy For Santa
Christmas PoemsBellie Beans
Mrs. Claus Feeds Santa And The Elves
Christmas StoriesSanta Alarm
A Lad Rigs a Signal for Santa's Arrival
Christmas PoemsReindeer Names
A Way To Remember Reindeer Names
Christmas StoriesSean-Sean's Songs
Sean-Sean Singing Loudly His Songs
Christmas PoemsKeith's Mess Care Roll
A Grubby Twist On A Christmas Tale
Christmas StoriesT’was the Night Before Christmas
A Tale of Santa Clause on Christmas Eve