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Winter Legend | Merry Christmas | Christmas | Santa Claus

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Winter Legend by Eric Bertko

About the book:

Virgil has always had a knack for finding things – an excellent journalist trait.

As the victim of a society that seems far too easily swayed by impressively white teeth, and equally impressive cleavage, Virgil finds himself out of work, and homeless. Desperate for a commission, he accepts an assignment to write a “fluff piece’ about the current winter holiday, and its remarkably attractive character. There’s journalistic integrity, and then there’s reality. The man has to eat, you know.

Always the astute investigator, Virgil attacks his assignment with his usual, obsessive zeal. But he quickly discovers that the new holiday’s “bringer of gifts” has no origins, no background. And absolutely nothing seems to explain why she dresses in tight, revealing clothing.

Intrigued, he decides to dive deep into the murky waters of the past, to a time when society celebrated a holiday called Christmas. His research uncovers something shocking: Christmas has been completely erased from history!

Virgil becomes obsessed with the long-forgotten myth, thus beginning his epic, global quest to find the Winter Legend.