Are you good at guessing?
Click the name of the animal that you think is on Elf LePhant's mind.

Once you guess by clicking on the buttons
Elf LePhant will think of another animal.

Number Guesses:

Number Correct: 

Percent Correct:   

This game is based on the
North-Pole Christmas Tango Santa-Dana Banana Elf Guessing Test.
This game tests your abilities to see into the future and guess correctly.

The accuracy of the result increases
with the number of correct guesses made.

The importance level is determined by a
Secret Super-Duper Banana Rama formula
that is used for Elf toy shop building.

Less then 1.96 indicates little guessing ability.
1.96 to 2.58 indicates some good guessing ability.
2.58 to 3.00 indicates significant guessology.

Greater then 3.00 indicates you should be working with Santa!